2008 Season

To our fabulous customers:

We primarily stock beef, pork, chicken, and eggs year round. Seasonal and specialty items are listed in the online farm store.

Some will notice that our prices have risen a bit this year (like everyone else). I hope you will find that we have done a good job controlling prices in spite of doubling (and tripling) feed and fuel costs.

One way to save money on these fine products is to buy a half or whole pork or beef. Check out the Pre-Orders page.

Wholesale inquiries always welcome.

Thank you for your support,
Dave & Georgene


Heritage Breed Pork

The pork on-hand is either full blood Berkshire or a Hampshire/Duroc/Berkshire cross. All of theses animals roamed a woods-edge pasture and dined on a wide variety of wholesome veggies, apples, bread, grass, and comfrey - as well as certified organic grain. The Berkshire cuts are large, well marbled, and meaty. The crosses were harvested on the young side, so they are smaller, very succulent, and especially tender.

The Tamworth crosses will make their return this fall.

Cut Price/lb
Sausage (sweet Italian links) 8.00
Sausage (sweet Italian bulk 2lb pkg) 7.00
Ground Pork (bulk 2lb pkg) 6.00
Bacon (nitrite free) 10.00
Pork Chops 8.50
Pork Loin 9.00
Pork Butt/Shoulder 8.50
Spare Ribs 12.00
Smoked Ham (nitrite free) 8.50
Fresh Ham 8.00
Smoked Hocks (nitrite free) 6.00
Smoked/Fresh Pigs Feet 5.00
Pork Soup Bones 2.00

Organic Grass Fed Beef

We are very excited about our partnership with Morvin Allen's Maple Shade Farm (also known as Balsam Hill) to bring you this beef. Maiden Flower is building the beef business in conjunction with Morvin's Dairy. Support both farms with one purchase!

Maple Shade is the first (and still only) certified organic dairy in Western Massachusetts. The only thing that prevents this beef from being labeled USDA Organic is the lack of a certified processor (if you know of one within reasonable distance, please let us know!).

This is beef from Jerseys -- don't buy into the bias against beef from dairy cattle! -- the quality and flavor is as good or better than any beef availale in the Berkshires! Cuts do tend to be smaller than standard supermarket fair, but this is true of most grass fed beef. A truly outstanding product.

Cut Price/lb
Ground Beef (1 & 2 lb packages, very lean) 5.50
Stew Beef (2lb pkg) 6.00
Tenderloin 22.00
Rib Eye 15.00
Sirloin Strip 14.00
Sirloin Tip 12.00
Flank Steak 8.50
Top Round London Broil 7.00
Brisket 6.50
Shanks (1" thick cut) 5.00
Tongue 5.50
Beef Soup Bones 1.50

Free-Range Whole Chickens

Fryers, Broilers, and Roasters. Fed organic grain, sprouts, and forage. $4.00/lb through July 1, $4.50/lb afterwards. (limited supply)

Free-Range Heritage Breed Eggs

Mixed colors and sizes, fertile, $4.00/Dozen

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